The End, And The Beginning Of An Era

Yesterday was Kyle’s last high school lacrosse game. The season ended on a dreary note, with the team losing 15-0 to Cardinal O’Hara. The team finished with a 4-8 record, and with eight seniors leaving, next year may arguably be worse.

That said, Kyle gave maximum effort at Father Judge. He scored his first varsity goal as a freshman after only eight seconds on the field. The kid would run through walls for his coaches and his team. Kyle was always quiet, leading by example. He would help younger teammates with faceoffs, and was always the kid picking up balls after practice and moving the nets. He never received a special award, never saw the accolades; he did his job and went home.

Kyle finished his four-year career with four goals, eight assists, and more ground balls than I can remember. As a faceoff guy, he earned a career 45.4% faceoff win rate, and those numbers got the attention of many Division II and III colleges.

His younger brother Erik will be a sophomore next year, and Erik was the de facto JV captain this year. The head coach who dislikes Kyle loves Erik, and raves about his performances. Guess where Erik learned all that? Not that Kyle would take credit for it.

Yesterday was a bittersweet event. I know how terribly he was being treated by the coaches, but I also know he still stepped on the field every day and worked his ass off. I’ll miss seeing that every day, but I can still see Erik work his magic.

Plus, I got a photo of them together after yesterday’s game. Both played varsity.

I think this team will be in good hands when Erik is an upperclassman.

5 thoughts on “The End, And The Beginning Of An Era

  1. Great picture of two of your young men. Time for both of them to move forward with new challenges and opportunities.


  2. Cathy – He unfortunately also has his father’s temper. There were plenty of times after games where he would throw out F-bombs about how much he hated the coach. But he wasn’t going to let him win.

    Ronni – Thank you. Erik is three years younger and almost as tall as Kyle. Kyle is pushing 6′ right now.


  3. My wife and I are looking forward to cheering Erik on in Dallas.

    You and your Missus have done an outstanding job in raising your kids. You both should be very proud.


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