Senior Prom 2019

As Kyle closes the book on high school, he had one more social event to take in before he heads southwest: the senior prom. The prom was held at The Water Works, which is on the banks of the Schuylkill River near the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

As with the freshman dance and the junior prom, Kyle asked a friend to go with him. We’ll call her “J,” because she’s quiet and reserved. Kyle and J met each other in grade school and remained friends afterward.

J has been to our house often, usually while Kyle’s male friends are over, when she needs to “get away” from her girlfriends. So, she’ll hang out, play air hockey – usually besting Kyle – and watch TV. She is arguably the nicest girl you would ever want to meet. Good kid, good family…

After taking a blind date last year – he was set up by a grade school friend – he was very excited for this year’s prom. J is always pleasant, has a good sense of humor, and is obviously very pretty. Thee two of them always get along, and J brings zero drama to the table.

They are at the prom as I write this Thursday night, and they plan on coming to our house after the prom, getting changed, and headed to the neighborhood pool hall with Kyle’s friend Andrew and his girlfriend Emily (below left).

Friday afternoon, Kyle, Andrew, and a few of his male friends are headed to the Poconos, where Andrew’s family has a house. They’ll hang out, watch TV, and play paintball, which is only three miles away. I hope they have fun at the prom, but judging by J’s personality, that won’t be a problem.

2 thoughts on “Senior Prom 2019

  1. Ronni – Mrs. Earp said they had a lot of fun. I’m day work this week, so I was in bed before the prom ended. I may also miss him today, because he’s supposed to head to the Poconos before I get home.

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