The Camouflage Cup

Attention alcoholics and borderline depressives, have I got a gadget for you! This is the Trinken Cup, whose sole function is to hide your open beer can in a coffee cup container. What could possible go wrong?

This is the Trinken Lid, a plastic lid that snaps onto the top of a beer can and, when placed in a paper cup (not included), disguises your brewski as a piping hot cup of gogo juice.

Alternatively, just pour your beer in a coffee cup like a normal person who can’t be bothered to hunt down their Trinken Lid every time that want to sip a cold one under the radar. I’ve been doing it at work for years, and nobody is the wiser.

Considering how terrible work has become with the new leadership, I should definitely buy one – or eleven – of these babies.

5 thoughts on “The Camouflage Cup

  1. Considering it’s Philly you could get away with a half empty bottle of vodka sitting on your desk. Beware. Your boss will try to steal it.


  2. Ronni – The old me would say yes, but I went to my neighbors house last night and had five beers in two hours – we were commiserating three neighbors who passed away in the last six months – and it took its toll.


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