Oh Sheila

There is no shortage of disgusting, dimwitted, ignorant Democrat politicians in this country, and while some leftists are more ignorant that others, the reigning champion is still Sheila Jackson-Lee.

The woman makes Hank “Guam May Flip Over” Johnson look like Stephen Hawking.

Need proof? Check out this Jackson-Lee gem.

Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee demanded there be an “internal” DHS task force to investigate child migrant deaths, but then was informed that such an entity already exists.

“I believe there should be an internal task force set up dealing with children, dealing with children’s death,” Jackson Lee said Wednesday during a House Homeland Security hearing. She was speaking to Kevin McAleenan, the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). “My question to you is: Will you set up an internal in-house task force to deal with … these deaths, to find what solutions should be put in place?”

The acting DHS secretary then informed Jackson Lee that the task force she was describing already exists within the department.

Well done, dumbass. You are a credit to the great state of Texas. Jackson-Lee’s only saving grace is she’s stuck way down south in Houston, and not polluting the air in Dallas.

3 thoughts on “Oh Sheila

  1. Cathy – Like PA, Texas’ morons flock to the big cities. It’s a shame.

    TXNick – Kyle’s prospective teammates kept telling these other two teammates that Houston and San Antonio suck. The back and forth was hilarious.


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