This Chick Is Exhausting

You may remember Daisy Keech, the Instagram “butt model” who claimed she has a “certified ass.” Daisy is moving up the famous-for-nothing ladder, and she now explains how to take the perfect ass selfie.

“I’ll stand up straight and spread my legs a little bit to make myself look a little bit wider than if my feet were closer together,” says fitness influencer Daisy Keech, who last month enlisted a plastic surgeon to certify her backside as “real” to her 1.1 million Insta’ followers.

“Then I’ll … arch my back a little bit, and I’ll kind of puff out my chest. I breathe out, and my stomach cinches in as I pose.”

The 19-year-old influencer from Los Angeles says “a lot goes into” properly accentuating her most famous asset, which she has dubbed the “Keech Peach.”

Yes honey, please continue explaining how you’re curing cancer. Dolt.

5 thoughts on “This Chick Is Exhausting

  1. TXnick – She never pushes. Some guy gently removes her poo in a hyperbaric chamber.

    William – Oh, most definitely, but eventually I think the vapid nature would grate on my nerves.


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