History Is Repeating


Nearly ninety years after Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany, the Fatherland is following in the Fuhrer’s despicable footsteps.

Germany’s government commissioner on anti-Semitism has warned Jews about the potential dangers of wearing the traditional kippah cap in the face of rising anti-Jewish attacks.

“I cannot advise Jews to wear the Kippah everywhere all the time in Germany,” Felix Klein said in an interview published Saturday by the Funke regional press group.

Hmm, I wonder if the mass migration of Islamists into the country has anything to do with this?

His comments came just weeks after Berlin’s top legal expert on anti-semitism said the issue remains entrenched in German society.

“Anti-Semitism has always been here. But I think that recently, it has again become louder, more aggressive and flagrant,” Claudia Vanoni told AFP in an interview, adding the problem was “deeply rooted” in German society.

It would be prudent for German Jews to start thinking about leaving the country before it’s too late. I am not exaggerating for effect. If Jewish people do not see the train coming down the tracks, they better begin opening their eyes.

Anti-Semitic crimes rose 20 percent in Germany last year, according to interior ministry data which blamed nine out of ten cases on the extreme right.

Oh, and for the record, Germany’s “right-wing” in not the so-called American right-wing. It’s similar to Hitler’s right-wing, which was actually comprised of socialists, criminals, and thugs.

5 thoughts on “History Is Repeating

  1. I saw this article and thought of the Winston Churchill when he paraphrased an old quote to ‘Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.’ People in the UK and over here in the US would do well to heed Churchill’s words. Christians are also a thorn in many people’s sides. If I was Jewish, I would be heading to Israel.


  2. Ronni – He was really the only MP to fervently push war with Germany, because he saw where Hitler was leading. It’s sad native Germans don’t see, or don’t care, about this now.

    TXNick – Especially in the Democratic Party.


  3. One of the biggest historical lies ever perpetrated, and is still, was that Nazism came from the right. It came from the left.


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