In Soviet Russia, Tinder Swipes You!

Americans have been inundated with dozens and dozens of stories regarding social media sites selling its users’ personal information. Bad actors like Facebook, Tinder, and Google gleefully hand over your information to other entities, and there is little recourse.

I guess it could be worse. We could be using social media in a fascist country.

Russia is requiring dating app Tinder to hand over data on its users — including messages — to the national intelligence agencies, part of the country’s widening crackdown on internet freedoms.

It’s amazing how quickly Vladimir Putin turned Russia into a Stalinist paradise. It’s equally amazing how many non-Russians still believe Putin can be trusted.

The communications regulator said Tinder was included on a list of online services operating in Russia that are required to provide user data on demand to Russian authorities, including the FSB security agency.

Tinder, an app where people looking for dates swipe left or right on the profiles of other users to reject or accept them, will have to cooperate with Russian authorities or face being completely blocked in the country. The rule would apply to any user’s data that goes through Russian servers, including messages to other people on the app.

The lesson here is this: either get off social media, or at least familiarize yourself what these companies are doing. There are no privacy rights for Americans any longer, and if you’re victimized, you will never win against these monopolistic tech companies.

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