Bill De Blasio Is An Ignorant Jackass

Bill De Blasio, the communist, anti-police mayor of New York City, embarrassed himself yet again this week after claiming anti-Semitism is a “right-wing movement.”

Nailed it.

Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio claimed that anti-Semitism is a product of a “right-wing movement,” as anti-Semitic hate crimes surge in the city.

“I think the ideological movement that is anti-Semitic is the right-wing movement,” de Blasio said at a press conference Tuesday.

Perhaps De Blasio hasn’t heard of Democrat representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, who continually support Jew-hating a-holes like Louis Farrakhan while spouting anti-Semitic tropes on a daily basis. Conservatives aren’t behind the BDS movement, you insufferable prick.

After a group of Hasidic Jews were attacked in Crown Heights, Brooklyn earlier this year, de Blasio blamed white supremacy, despite the fact that the alleged attackers were identified as black.

What a coincidence, most of my white supremacist friends are black! Imagine being so indoctrinated that you have no problem claiming African-Americans who allegedly assaulted Hasidic Jews were motivated by white supremacy.

5 thoughts on “Bill De Blasio Is An Ignorant Jackass

  1. Bill is a horse’s ass, but that insults horses. The problem is, the dimwit demoncrats say all these boldfaced lies and they do so because they know it works. I’m not a fakebook person, but I got wind of a young woman who USED to attend my church having a dustup with another church lady because she was so worried the earth was gonna die in 12 years. I forget I live in a vacuum of friends with like mindedness and it takes an occasional wakeup to remember that all these lies do take hold of a lot of people who are ignorant of the world around them. There will be plenty of airheads who will believe everything this asshole has to say. Sad, but true.


  2. As someone with a degree in history I can say that one of the biggest lies in history is that fascism came from the right. It came from the LEFT! Mussolini, Hitler, Goring, Goebbels, Himmler, ALL communists/socialists before becoming fascists! FACT!!


  3. RG – It’s a shame, because NYC is a fun place to visit. It’s the Democrat drones who ruin it for normal people.

    Ingineer – New York is fast becoming Florida-North.

    William – But Vox “explained” to me that they were alt-right Republicans! Or something.

    Ronni – At l;east a few million New Yorkers.


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