Tax And Bend

It would appear Mexico received President Trump’s tariff message, and they are, for now, jumping on the team and coming on in for the big win.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said the White House’s immigration deal includes an array of fresh concessions from Mexico, pushing back against questions over whether the president actually pushed Mexico to agree to new terms.

“We’ve heard commitments before from Mexico to do more on their southern border. The last time they deployed down there was about four or 500 officers,” he said. “This is more than a tenfold commitment to increase their security in Chiapas — that’s where people are entering from Guatemala into southern Mexico.”

It will shock you to learn the fake news media urinalists are claiming there is nothing new to this deal, and furthermore, orange man bad.

The U.S. has revoked its threat to slap the Latin American country with a 5% tariff on all of its goods. In return, the Mexican government has pledged to send around 6,000 National Guard troops to its southern border with Guatemala, allow more asylum seekers to remain in Mexico, and more forcefully combat human trafficking and smugglers.

The president has also stated the tariffs will be imposed if Mexico does not comply, stating, “I am now altering the deal, pray I do not alter it any further… “

9 thoughts on “Tax And Bend

  1. It is nice to have a man’s man in the Oval Office. Someone who says what they mean and means what they say. Refreshing!!


  2. Ronni – The president is infuriating all the right people. Speaking of, Mitt Romney may not endorse a presidential candidate in 2020. Such a despicable, sad person. Thanks, Utah.


    1. I lost all respect for Romney a few years ago. He needs to declare himself either independent or a full-on democrat and do the GOP a favor.


      1. The president endorsed him, and the second Mittens was elected, he started attacking Trump. For someone I thought was a decent person, he is less than honorable.


  3. We all know that Mexico will do what they promised for a while. Looking forward to them getting bitchslapped by Trump for going back on their promise. Get your popcorn ready.


  4. I still think the USA needs to put a 25% tax on remittances anywhere south of the Texas border. And direct the taxes to border security, i.e. I.C.E, C.B.P, and THE WALL!


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