Change Her Name To Pitchfork

Meet Kathy Lee Pitchford.

Kathy is a young, attractive woman who dotes upon her boyfriend.. until he displeases her, then Kathy breaks out the literal talons.

Cops from the Indian Harbour Beach Police Department came upon a scene of vicious violence, after responding to a disturbance call last week.

During the fight, the woman became “enraged” and struck her boyfriend with a brush. The victim [said] the suspect, later identified as Katie Lee Pitchford, continued to “strike him with her fists and scratched the left side of his face.”

The individual also told officers that Pitchford “grabbed him by his b—s and squeezed them until they were bleeding.”

After the man said the woman put her hands around his throat and he could not breathe, he wrestled her by the arms and was able to get away and call police.

Let’s hope common sense finally intervenes and the boyfriend either dumps this lunachick or invests in a titanium cup. Of course, if he dumps her, I would gladly try to rehabilitate her, hour after hour, day after day.

4 thoughts on “Change Her Name To Pitchfork

  1. Look at her eyes. She looks nuttier than grandma’s fruitcake! Evidently she has quite a grip for a woman. You might want to wear full body armor for your rehab time with her, Wyatt.


  2. Ronni – I don’t know… I think I can tame her. Or die trying.

    TXNick – Yeah, but sometimes it wants to explore new, crazy avenues.


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