Creepy Joe Says The Darnedest Things

Creepy female-fondler, proven plagiarist, and perennial failed presidential candidate Joe Biden announced he will cure cancer if he wins the presidency. Well jeez, we all gotta vote for him now, right?

Joe Biden told an audience in Ottumwa, Iowa Tuesday that his White House would “cure” cancer should he beat President Trump in 2020.

“I’ve worked so hard in my career, that I promise you, if I’m elected president you’re gonna see single most important thing that changes America, we’re gonna cure cancer,” Biden said to applause.

During his stint as vice president, Biden oversaw the “Cancer Moonshot” initiative of the Obama administration.

Uh-huh. I’m sure Biden “oversaw” the initiative like I “oversee” the construction of the Texas Rangers’ new stadium. Besides, the only moonshot Slow Joe knows is the one where you pull down your pants.

5 thoughts on “Creepy Joe Says The Darnedest Things

  1. Ronni – All the man is doing is giving people false hope. Yes, scientists are searching for ways to eradicate the disease, but no politicians is going to cure cancer by the sheer power of his will. Besides, hasn’t every president – and every person – wanted to cure cancer?

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  2. We all know he’ll just executive order it out of existence, then sentence anyone with the disease to an extremely strong painkiller.


  3. Cathy – Biden is arguably the dumbest person ever to run for office. Sadly, he also made a career of politics, which is never what the Founders intended.

    MelP – He’ll decree saying the word “cancer” is a hate crime, so if no one says it, it’s cured!


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