Most of you realize the majority of people in Hollywood are either crazy, hard-core leftist, or both. This is not surprising, nor disappointing. Well, most of the time.

Sometimes, however, a Hollywood actor/actress you really like decides to go full Area 51. In this case, that actress is the delicious Jessica Biel, who is apparently now an anti-vaxxer.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Biel were photographed yesterday at the California State Assembly, where they appear to have been lobbying lawmakers together. Afterwards, Kennedy posted a series of Instagram photos praising Biel as “brave.”

Kennedy is the founder of Children’s Health Defense, a group which began its life as the World Mercury Project and which presents itself as an environmental organization. One of the busiest arms of Children’s Health Defense focuses on making claims that vaccines are unsafe, insufficiently tested or contain toxic levels of mercury. Kennedy was recently one of the listed attorneys for a group of anonymous Brooklyn parents who sued over a mandatory vaccination order in Williamsburg, meant to combat a serious measles outbreak there.

[Biel’s] PR representatives haven’t yet returned several emails and phone calls seeking comment, and she hasn’t made any public statements. She did, however, appear in a series of photographs that Kennedy posted on his Instagram and Twitter, which really do appear to show them talking to lawmakers together on June 11 at the California State Assembly and State Senate.

It’s bad enough she’s appearing in public with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, but seemingly to support his conspiracy theories? Good Lord, woman, get a hold of yourself!

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