My Princess Is Better Than Your Princess

Princess P was scheduled for karate belt testing Friday night. She was testing for her blue belt, and the exam lasts a little over an hour. It has been the first event I was present for since her dance recital – I missed both the Christmas and the Spring concerts – thanks to my shift work. I knew Princess P would pass with ease – the girl is like an MMA fighter when she’s training, but I was hoping she would really do her best.

As the testing began, she partnered up with two of her friends. Lily, along with Princess P and Vivian, is one of the PowerPuff Girls; so named by Sensei Dave. Dave always walks past them and says, “Boys are the enemy!” Amanda is a seventh grader who punches like Ivan Drago. When Princess P holds the paddle for Amanda’s strikes, she always gets knocked backwards. Both girls are very nice, but when they step on the mat, they’re intensely focused…

At one point, Amanda and Princess P were paired with a tall girl I haven’t seen before. Abby (above) seemed very nice, but something was off. Mrs. Earp said she had a disability – it seemed like something on the autism scale – but the girl was ready to work. While the trio were paired together, Abby had a little trouble with some of the moves, but Amanda and Princess P paused, showed her how to do the moves a little better, and were very patient through the process.

Sensei Dave said Princess P pairs with Abby often, because she works well with her and helps her along. It was both the happiest and proudest moment Princess P has even given me.

Shortly thereafter, Princess P was paired with a boy, and she instantly transformed from caring nurturer to Ronda Rousey. She deflected the boy’s jabs, and gave him all he could handle. Princess P often spars with the boys and the girls, and always goes after them with ferocity. I guess that comes from living with three older brothers.

Princess P passed her belt test, moving up from purple to blue. I was able to present her with her new belt and she gave me a big hug. After the belts were presented, Sensei Dave announced the invitations for the school’s Leadership Team. It’s a few chosen students who are asked to help other students, and the senseis during class. It’s a huge honor.

Amanda And The PowerPuff Girls

Sensei Dave always gives a heads up to parents so they know the invite is coming, so when we heard sensei Michel say, “Julia…” we assumed it was one of the other Julias. Then he said her last name. Mrs. Earp and I looked at each other with a, “What did he say?” look on our faces, and Julia seemed equally surprised.

That evening Princess P, Amanda, and PowerPuff Girl Lily were all chosen for the Leadership Team. Between helping Abby, earning her belt, and this, this guy was a very proud papa.

11 thoughts on “My Princess Is Better Than Your Princess

  1. Congrats to Julia! And congrats to mom and dad for raising a caring and determined young lady! She is growing up far too fast, by the way. Something tells me you will be spending a lot of time cleaning your guns when her date arrives to pick her up in a few years.


  2. Most dads have to play the part of protecting their daughters from unworthy suitors. Wyatt, it sounds like you’re halfway to obsolescence! Congrats on raising such an awesome daughter!


  3. She gets a little older and I’ll hire her as my bodyguard. šŸ™‚

    Congrats to Princess P, and a hearty “Well Done” to you and Mrs. Earp. You have every right to be proud.


  4. Tam – Mrs. Earp gets all the credit. I spend all my time missing events because of this awful job.

    Ronni – I’m thinking Glock on left hip, 1911 on right hip, and the snub-nose revolver in a shoulder holster. You know, for starters.

    Proof – Thanks. It also helps Kevin is almost ready for his junior black belt test – we’re pretty sure he’s going to be asked for Leadership Team soon, as well – and Kyle and Erik can shoot lacrosse balls at 70 MPH.

    TXNick – We always let Princess P and Kevin pick dinners after passing a belt test. The Princess wanted Perkins Restaurant, which is one of her faves.

    Ingineer – It’s part of the reason I wanted her to try it. Guys are scumbags, especially when they’re teenagers. I want to make sure she can drop some jerk in 3.2 seconds. I actually didn’t think she would take to it so well, since she’s seemed more into dance.


    1. I did a couple of ballet classes when I was training in Kung Fu back in the day. (Bruce Lee was my inspiration.) It did help my balance and precision.


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