The city of Philadelphia made news this week, and as usual, it did for all the wrong reasons.

Dozens of people from Southwest Philadelphia gathered Sunday night at Finnegan Playground to dance, grill, and eat while celebrating recent graduates from area high schools. But by Monday morning, many of them were together again in a rowhouse near the playground — mourning Isiaka Meite, 24, who was killed during a mass shooting that erupted in the middle of the celebration.

Senseless. I remember growing up we would settle arguments with fistfights, then usually shake hands afterward. Now someone looks at you the wrong way and a gunfight erupts.

The mass shooting — which killed Meite and injured five others, including four teens — put a grim punctuation mark on a bloody Father’s Day weekend in Philadelphia. Police said that on Saturday and Sunday, 28 people were shot — five fatally — in 19 incidents across the city. It was the highest number of shooting victims recorded in a 48-hour stretch in the city since at least the beginning of 2015, police statistics show.

In total, more than 550 people have been shot in Philadelphia this year, according to police statistics — an average of more than three per day.

The truly sad part of all this is the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office is enabling these slaughters by giving gun criminals a slap on the wrist, and not vigorously prosecuting the most egregious offenders. The city has become the modern-day equivalent of the wild west, and the bodies will continue piling up.

5 thoughts on “Shootadelphia

  1. If you throw them in jail, that puts an end to thinning the herd. We are seeing more gun violence here in the Quad Cities, too. Although I attribute a lot of ours due to living too close to Chicago. An hour and a half and the Mississippi river away is not far enough.


  2. The majority of gun crimes are committed by a relatively few individuals. If these @$$holes would be locked up for decades, for even looking at a weapon, the crime rates would go down.

    Of course, if that was done, some liberal would be whining about the criminals “rights” being violated from the long term incarcerations.

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  3. More and more areas of this country are starting to look like the Wild West. Even the small college town where I went to school is having stabbings and shootings on a regular basis at house parties. In my day if you walked into the wrong party, somebody would give you beer to take with you on the way to the correct place.

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  4. Hey, don’t knock it. You guys are so famous now that the Discovery ID channel has a show about Philadelphia called “Homicide City”. Something to be proud of. Snark………………………….


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