An Impressive Example Of “Girl Power”

Meet Madison Rogers of Nashville, Tennessee.

In Madison’s case, she may remind you she lives in Smashville, since after becoming a finalist for Miss Hooters Tennessee, she allegedly kicked in the door of her ex-boyfriend’s house and vandalized most everything on the second floor.

A finalist in the Miss Hooters Tennessee pageant has been arrested for allegedly vandalizing her boyfriend’s apartment just hours after he pulled the plug on their relationship.

Madison Rogers, 21, was booked into the Nashville jail earlier this month on charges of aggravated burglary and vandalism.

Rogers, who placed in the top 5 of the local beauty contest organized by Hooters, was caught on security video smashing up her ex-boyfriend’s home on May 31.

Okay, yes, it is possible Madison did some of these things, but look at her! Is this someone we really want to put in prison? Personally I believe the bigger crime here would be removing this gorgeous woman from our eyesight. Give her a fine, maybe some probation, and community service. May I suggest some bikini photo-ops across the fifty states?

2 thoughts on “An Impressive Example Of “Girl Power”

  1. As someone who once had a crazy ex-girlfriend I have to go against you on this one Wyatt. Ain’t no telling what some crazy b&*ch like that will do. No shat!


  2. William – I’ve had a lot of female friends go off the deep end, but never an actual crazy girlfriend. Still though, she’s crazy hot. I guess the emphasis is on “crazy.”


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