Knit One, Churl Two

Ravelry, a knitting website, has decided to ban all supporters of President Trump from their site for the sake of “inclusion.”

Wait, a knitting website is supporting “inclusion” by banning people? Okay then.

A major knitting website,, has announced that it is banning all support for President Trump on its site.

“We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry. We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy.” (H/T – MelP)

Now obviously I am not a knitter, but I have never heard of Ravelry in my life. I guess it’s big with the octogenarian set, and spinsters who have no lives, no jobs, and no prospects for male companionship. Their sole joy in life is commiserating with other yarners and complainant about the president.

“I just knitted a sweater,” Gladys announced, knowing it would be her only friend when the Reaper arrives. Then, with her last, sullen, bitter, salty breath, Gladys realized she wasted her life.

Some of those Trump supporters were decent, friendly people, but Gladys’ politics would not allow her to deviate from her leftism. In the end, it cost her much more than a lifetime of knitting patterns.

2 thoughts on “Knit One, Churl Two

  1. What is going on with these people? Thank goodness I don’t knit. Heck, Jon was lucky if I sewed a button on a shirt for him if it came off. And, no I did not take home economics in high school. I can’t believe they used to offer that as a legit class. Take stuff to the dry cleaners and they will sew buttons back on if need be. Politics needs to stay out of business in my opinion.


  2. I need to convince the rest of my family to dump Google. After the latest Project Veritas expose showing their minions planning to stop Trump, I won’t deal with them anymore.


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