There Are Idiots In Texas?

2019 Ford Expedition Texas Edition Badge
When you really like a certain part of the country, it’s difficult to reconcile the fact some stone cold morons may live there. Such is apparently the case in Texas – who knew? – where an impatient dumbass almost got more than a few people killed.

To wit:

This is a video from Texas of some jackass in a Toyota Tundra who’s decided he’s tired of sitting in 10MPH traffic and drives over the pylons into the HOV lane, immediately getting rear-ended by a Ford F-150 that was doing near 70MPH (at least before that driver saw him), almost causing it to flip over the Jersey wall into oncoming traffic. What a dumbass.

For 1) if you have to drive over pylons to do something, they’re there for a reason and you know you’re not supposed to be doing it. And 2) HOV stands for High Occupancy Vehicle, meaning you have to have at least two (and sometimes three) people in the car to drive in the lane, not just a brain filled with enough stupid for six people.

Look, everyone has been stuck in traffic – apparently Texas traffic is awful – but sane people like me wait it out while calling every driver around them c-words and wishing they die in a fire. See? I’m reasonable.

You can see the idiocy below the fold…

He scored a 9.5 from the U.S. and Canadian judges, but the Mexican judge gave him a 6.2.

4 thoughts on “There Are Idiots In Texas?

  1. That does look like US 75 in Dallas, but I won’t swear to it. Yeah, we have some Flori-Duh immigrants also.

    Wyatt, if Kyle ever needs a ride next year, you have my number. Call me, and either I, or my wife, will drive him to wherever he needs to go (hopefully not Philly).


  2. TXNick – We held a family graduation party for him Friday night. He told everyone everything is fifteen minutes from UD… except Austin. I think he eventually wants to see a Longhorns game. 🙂

    Ingineer – Agreed. I “think” Ford was the only company who didn’t take Obama’s buyout money during his reign. That program eliminated Saturn, which was the only cars I ever owned.

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    1. The (maybe) Official Motto of the capitol of Texas is, “Keep Austin Weird.” As long as I’ve lived in Texas, I’ve only driven through Austin. Too many libs there for my taste.

      However, once Kyle’s been in Texas long enough to start speaking like me, he will need to make a pilgrimage to The Alamo. It is a requirement for every Texan to go there at least once in their lifetime. While he’s there, he needs to walk across the street from the Alamo and spend a few hours at The Buckhorn Saloon and Museum. It is a self-guided tour, where you can enjoy a mug of good draft beer as you go walkabout. He will need at least two days to play tourist in S.A.

      And if he needs a guide… 🙂


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