This Chair Is Now Fully Operational

A Filipino designer has created furniture modeled after Star Wars icons, and it’s cooler than you’d think.

Disney has teamed up with Filipino design maven Kenneth Cobonpue to launch a Star Wars-themed furniture line—and, as Yoda would say, very good, the furniture is. But contrary to the kitsch creations your inner-child may envision—no, there are no wookiee-like shag pile rugs—the high-end collection is suitably refined and thoughtful.

The delicate-looking Vader and TIE fighter armchairs incorporate handwoven, airy lattice—a feature consistent within Cobonpue’s oeuvre—and prove the dark side can be incredibly chic.

The piece de resistance is below, and I seriously want to save my money for it…

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, I give you the Darth Sidious Easy Armchair.

The collection, which was previously only available in the Philippines, has finally made it stateside and can be purchased in various showrooms across the country. The pieces range between $655 for a TIE Fighter Wings end table to more than $4,000 for the Dark Lord’s armchair. May the shopping force be with you.

Yes, please!

Yes, yes, let the awesomeness flow through you.

6 thoughts on “This Chair Is Now Fully Operational

  1. Why do they have Darth Sidious on a chair that’s shaped like a Star Trek communicator badge? Just asking…………….

    Yeah, I know. I’m banned again for making fun of Star Wars geek stuff………………


    1. It looks more like Kylo Ren.

      Forty years ago, I bought one Star Wars T-shirt. That is the only merchandise I ever purchased relating to the franchise. If I still had it, I could sell it to Wyatt for the cost of a good bottle of single-malt. Or several. 🙂


  2. TXNick – I would, but knowing my luck, Kevin will jump on it and break it two days in.

    Tam – I actually noticed that immediately. “Don’t cross the streams.”


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