It’s Tournament Season!

Well, it was. Erik’s summer lacrosse team finished their tournament season this weekend, after appearing in the Rutgers University D1 Summer Shootout. It was the fourth and final tournament for the freshman team, after the NYLA Summer Showcase, The Lehigh University Laxfest, and the Rider Trilogy Tournament. (Erik is #19.)

Erik was surrounded with a good group of players and a good group of kids. For the most part, they all got along, and they played well together. They would have played better if they weren’t so schizophrenic. The would look like world champions one game, and bottom feeder the other. There was no rhyme or reason – although they did not play well during early games – but when they played well, they would stomp teams.

The Rutgers fields were a mix of grass and turf. Saturday’s turf game was brutal, since it was 91 degrees at 11am with a heat index of 96. Everyone was sweaty, even the moms. Erik played well, scooped many ground balls and hustled during every shift…

(Click the photos to embiggen.)

He also did the little things, like collecting all the practice balls after warm-ups. (The coach asked someone to pick them up, and while his teammates walked away, Erik stayed and grabbed them.) He also picked up some of the trash after games – water bottles, etc. – and did the little things coaches like to see from new players…

Erik, like Kyle, isn’t afraid to use his body, as this poor sap found out Sunday. Erik leveled him while going after a ground ball, and only afterward did Erik realize the kids plays for a team in his high school conference.

While his team finished the summer season with a record of 4-14, he definitely improved his individual play. In eighteen total games, Erik finished tourney season with two assists, sixteen ground balls, and a massive hit. Not bad for his first summer club season.

Plus, the benefits of celebrating a teammate’s goal is worth all the sweat.

Erik has two more weeks of practice, then tryouts for next year’s team are set for July. Hopefully, this will put him on a path to playing in college, just like Kyle.

4 thoughts on “It’s Tournament Season!

      1. It’s not always the case. Summer clubs usually have hotter moms, because it’s a rich kid’s sport. (I’m an outlier.) Erik’s high school moms? Not so much.


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