Just Boycott It

Washed-up, has-been, America-hating “quarterback” Colin Kaepernick is in the news again; this time he forced Nike to pull an American-themed shoe from stores.

How and why would Nike listen to this clown?

Nike is recalling an American flag-themed sneaker after former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick complained that it harkened back to the slave era, The Wall Street Journal is reporting.

Nike had already delivered the Air Max 1 USA sneakers to stores when Kaepernick, a Nike endorser, complained about a Revolutionary War-era version of the flag stitched on the back of the shoe.

The flag, designed by Betsy Ross, has 13 stars in a circle with 13 red and white stripes to represent the original colonies. A Nike spokeswoman confirmed to The Journal that the shoes were pulled from shelves because of the flag.

I haven’t purchased a Nike product since Kaepernick wore those Pig Police socks. I wear Under Armor sneakers now, and I will never spend another dime on Nike. Ever. Embrace your boy, Nike, because the rest of us think he’s a POS.

UPDATE: Arizona Governor Doug Ducey pledged he will withdraw all financial incentives for Nike’s proposed new plant in Goodyear, Arizona. Good for him. F**K Nike.

8 thoughts on “Just Boycott It

  1. Kudos to governor Ducey. If CK hates this country so much, why doesn’t he just leave?! Why is he hell-bent on making everyone who loves the USA miserable in some fashion? It’s not our fault his biological father left his birth mother and he was adopted by a family who gave him everything he could want. This clown is such a piece of work. I would gladly contribute to a one way plane ticket to any of these countries (Somalia, Senegal, Ghana, Angola, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Cameroon) where perhaps he would feel more at home.


  2. Ronni – The “man” – and I use that term loosely – spends all his free time trashing the United States, yet has no problem enjoying the freedoms which come with citizenship. Kaepernick is no better than the Antifa thugs or Democrat politicians; always running down the greatest country on Earth.


  3. Cathy – Kaepernick obviously has money. He should just move to some island resort and live the high life, while leaving us alone.

    TXNick – I believe his girlfriend is a Muslim, so maybe that’s an option. Probably not a lot U.S. flags in the Middle East.


  4. Yeah, but, good ole CA gov Nonutz sent an announcement praising Nike for it values & offering to let them open a branch in our state. 7 years until I can retire & GTFO of this crazy place.

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  5. MelP – I’m the same with Philly. I’m not staying here after I retire.

    Doc – Exactly. Some local conservative talker said the 76ers should rename the NBA team, because the name and 13 stars is obviously “problematic.”


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