Rich White Pol Decries White Supremacy

Democratic presidential hopeful Robert Francis O’Rourke spoke in Tennessee this weekend, and claimed America was founded upon white supremacy. I assume O’Rourke believes this is a positive, since his lily white Irish-American ass has led a pretty easy life.

Former Democratic Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke levied some harsh criticism towards the country he is seeking to lead.

During a campaign stop in Nashville, Tennessee, the 2020 presidential candidate told a group of immigrants and refugees that America was founded on white supremacy and that the country remains institutionally racist today.

Who can forget those racist, white Pilgrims who sailed to America searching for freedom of religion white supremacy?

“This country was founded on white supremacy,” O’Rourke said. “Every single institution and structure that we have in this country still reflects the legacy of slavery and segregation and Jim Crow and suppression even in our democracy.”

So Democrat politicians are now spouting talking points borrowed from American-hating soccer player Megan Rapinoe. Good to know. Honestly Texas, how did this moron almost beat Ted Cruz?

Yes, slavery existed, and it was a despicable mark on America’s history. We can dwell upon that, and pretend history ended in 1861, or we can remember the nearly 400,000 – mostly white – men who gave their lives fighting to end the scourge.

Funny how these leftists always bring up slavery, but never bother to acknowledge the 2.2 million Union soldiers who fought to eradicate it.

6 thoughts on “Rich White Pol Decries White Supremacy

  1. I swear, the Left just gets more sickening every day. I really am getting to the point of saying start lining them all up against a wall! : (


  2. Amen, Wyatt. I am so sick and tired of the dems election propaganda I could scream! It is going to seem like forever until election day.


  3. 2016 we were gun toting deplorables. Now we are white supremacist nazis. Can’t they come up with something better?


  4. Beta-Boy almost beat Ted Cruz because the RINOs and demos both were against him.

    Ted won because, in spite of being out-moneyed by the above two groups, he had enough Texans that didn’t stay home on election day.


  5. William – I’d like to think their policies would lose them the election, but at this point, I think voters are too dumb to vote for their interests.

    Ronni – I can almost tolerate it from minorities, but when a lily white non-Hispanic male does it, it’s disingenuous.

    Cathy – Eventually we’ll be satanic fascist racists. That’ll be fun.

    Loki – Wow, only in Philadelphia.

    TXNick – Which is awesome. I know Ted isn’t really likeable, but he’s the best conservative in D.C. right now.


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