Boston Uncommon

The city of Boston has been hit with a lawsuit after they repeatedly denied permission to fly a Christian flag at City Hall during Constitution Day. The city has, however, gleefully flown the Pride flag and a few flags from Islamist countries.

Camp Constitution, a Judeo-Christian advocacy group, requested that the city of Boston fly the flag back in September of 2017 and again in 2018 as part of Constitution Day. The city refused, despite approving 248 other flags.

“The city’s application policy refers to the flagpoles as a ‘public forum’ open to ‘all applicants,”’ Shurtleff said in a statement, “City officials have never denied the ‘messages’ communicated by Boston Pride and the pink and blue ‘transgender’ flag, and even the flags of Communist China and Cuba, but will not allow the civic and historical Christian message of Camp Constitution.

Their reason for disallowing Camp Constitution’s Christian flag: no non-secular flags permitted, the lawsuit says. However, the Turkish flag is not secular. Turkey is one of 21 different nations with an Islamic symbol on their flag.

Leftist cities have been making a habit of persecuting Christians; just like their Muslim friends. Having these incidents occur during Constitution Day – in a city filled with Revolutionary War battlefields – is simply the icing on the irony cake.

6 thoughts on “Boston Uncommon

  1. Proof – I’d quote Tim Allen’s stand-up and say, “It’s too bad we own everything,” but that would be mansplaining.

    Mike47 – I think he’s in the People’s Republic of Kaliifornia. They have to like whites there, because Hollywood.


  2. Sully – It’s a shame because I’ve heard Boston is awesome. Not the politics, but the actual city. Kyle desperately wants to see a Bruins game there, but man, the politics are as bad as Philly.


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