Walloping Websnappers!

My oldest son told me about this story Friday night and I thought he was screwing with me. Sadly, he was not.

A woman is demanding the city of Lincoln, Nebraska remove a statue she deems as “demonic.” The status in question? Yeah, it’s not exactly Beelzebub.

A Nebraska woman is calling for the removal of a statue she says is demonic in nature. The subject of the statue in question – Spider-Man. The woman believes the six-foot tall statue of the Marvel hero’s hands shooting webs is both “anti-Christian” and “demonic.”

The sculpture contains traditional Spider-Man imagery: hands pointing forward with the middle and ring fingers pressed to the palms, shooting webs. The woman sent an email to the city’s mayor, saying in part that it was “a sculpture of two hands open, painted Red & Black, and formed into Devil Horns.”

Look, I know Christians have been the left’s favorite targets the last twenty years, and I am always defending them from the slings and arrows. That said, I cannot defend this woman, and I would go as far to say she is an outright kook.

Spider-Man is not demonic. The Green Goblin? Maybe…

5 thoughts on “Walloping Websnappers!

  1. I know plenty of Christians who are complete wack-jobs. I have no problem criticizing them, even if I agree with their ideology, theology, or geology. Kind of like knowing some female bartenders with hypenated names and somewhat brown skin. I have no problem criticizing them either. Of, a woman wearing a diaper on her head and telling me how much she hates America. I could easily criticize all three and not feel as though I was anti-Christian, anti-bartender, or anti-diaper. A nutball is a nutball, regardless of ideology.

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  2. The statue isn’t accurate. Spidey shot webs with his ring fingers, but he was depicted with the other three fingers extended. I know, because I tried it. I would try to tap my ring finger against my palm, without my little finger and middle finger curling in, and I couldn’t.
    I didn’t know if that was enabled by a radioactive spider bite or if Steve Ditko did that to mess with our heads!


  3. RG – Any religious person should be a happy medium between God-fearing and Devilish. One too far left or right usually results in weirdos.

    TXNick – Exactly.

    Ronni – Yep.

    Proof – Probably both, but yeah, Spidey doesn’t shoot webs with his middle finger.


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