Why Are The Crocodiles Glowing?

Crocodiles are making a comeback in Flori-Duh, thanks mostly to canals near a nuclear power plant.

Turkey Point’s 168-mile (270 kilometers) of man-made canals serve as the home to several hundred crocodiles, where a team of specialists working for FPL monitors and protects them from hunting and climate change. [Editor’s note: That’s not a thing.]

From January to April, Michael Lloret, an FPL wildlife biologist and crocodile specialist, helps create nests and ponds on berms for crocodiles to nest. Once the hatchlings are reared and left by the mother, the team captures them. They are measured and tagged with microchips to observe their development. Lloret then relocates them to increase survival rates.

Shortly thereafter, they grow to their new average size, two hundred fifty-feet long, and spend their days battling Godzilla and King Kong.

3 thoughts on “Why Are The Crocodiles Glowing?

  1. Grow one to 6 feet 5 inches. Put it in a business suit. Name him Gator Joe. Now get him elected a congress-critter. Sit back with a large bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show.


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