This Really Is CNN

It’s difficult to imagine a major mainstream media company – which wholeheartedly supports Jew-hating Ilhan Omar while also deriding Israel – would hire a proud, overtly anti-Semitic employees, but CNN did exactly that.

A CNN photo editor resigned Thursday after anti-Semitic tweets surfaced from 2011, CNN told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Mohammed Elshamy, a photo editor for CNN, was hired by the news outlet in 2019, according to an announcement on his Twitter. Elshamy was found to have anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-police tweets from 2011 on his official Twitter account. The tweets included messages that called for people to be murdered and others referring to Jewish people as “pigs.”

Elshamy had tweets which referred to both Jewish people and police as “pigs” as well as comments that were anti-Israel.

This bears repeating, but Elshamy was proudly posting these despicable racist and anti-Semitic tweets for eight years, and CNN did nothing – nothing – about it. It makes you wonder if Jeff Zucker and the rest of CNN’s employees agree with Elshamy’s sentiments.

7 thoughts on “This Really Is CNN

  1. None of this surprises me. Anti-semitism and anti-Christian bigotry are rife on the left in general and in the media in particular. I am gleefully watching CNN self destruct! : ) I’ll make the popcorn!! : )


  2. In CNN’s defense (words I thought I’d never write), they have hundreds if not thousands of employees. Do we really expect every employer to search every employee’s social media accounts for the last ten years to see if they’d ever uttered a heterodox thought? That would be Big Brother on steroids.


  3. Proof – I agree, but if the person was a conservative and said something less provocative, I’d expect him to be tarred and feathered. I just want the standards equal.

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  4. Anyone with the name “Mohammed” should, in my opinion, be suspect of anti-semitic tendencies as should all muslims. They follow the Koran and do not pledge allegiance to the United States of America. They will not abide by American standards.


  5. CNN – Completely Not News

    No surprise here. I’m with William in the first reply. I continue to enjoy observing the complete destruction of this network full of clowns, morons, and left wing moonbats.


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