Rainy Day Blues

Vacation has been fabulous so far, but today was our first rainy day. So, after two hours at the beach, we’re stuck inside, and I had a chance to read some blogs and news sites.

I wish I hadn’t.

First, I read a story that AG William Barr will not prosecute former FBU Director James Comey even though the Inspector General found Comey committed crimes. Apparently everyone in the Swamp gets the Hillary treatment.

I keep hearing he’ll be charged for FISA abuse, but I have no confidence in that.

Then there’s this. The president suggested John Rartcliffe step down from his DNI nomination because the mean Democrats will attack him and his family. Respectfully, Mr. President, is there a nominee they won’t try to destroy?

Then finally, the Mexican president is claiming the president is becoming “more moderate” with his immigration talk. Possibly bullshit, butt where is our wall? It’s been three years.

Th only good thing today is Kevin’s supermarket find. Old Bay seasoned Cheese Curls. OMG, they’re heaven in a package!

4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Blues

  1. Ticks me off that Comey gets to walk. He played an integral part in all this Clinton espionage stuff against the Trump campaign. The Swamp wins again. None of Trumps nominees will be given a fair chance. Not going to happen!


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