Patrick Buhler’s Day Off

Meet Patrick “Fatty McButterpants” Buhler of Morrisville, PA.

Patrick has a few anger issues, and he was trying to work through those issues by allegedly planning to shoot up Philadelphia’s Temple University.

Police say a potential mass shooting at Temple has been averted thanks to the folks at the Walmart in Tullytown, Bucks County.

Investigators say as 29-year-old Patrick Buhler bought five boxes of bullets commonly used in an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle Wednesday at the store, Buhler made concerning statements about Temple to two different customers.

“He was making threats that were not only concerning but ended up being criminal,” said [Bucks County D.A. Matthew] Weintraub.

Buhler said he knew who patrolled the campus, what their response time was and that he bought the ammo because he knew cops wear bullet proof vests. He even said you will see something on the news in the next couple of days and weeks. Weintraub says the comments did not sit well with Walmart’s staff.

Thee irony here is Temple University is located in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. Everyone in the surrounding area has guns, and most of them would love to be the one to stop a pasty white boy who’s shooting up their ‘hood.

It may surprise you to know Patty has been charged with weapons offenses prior to this incident. So, you know, he’s a model citizen.

5 thoughts on “Patrick Buhler’s Day Off

  1. Pardon the pun, but y’all dodged a bullet there.

    Another soy boy, who is frustrated that he can’t get a girl, and is willing to take it out on everyone. It is mental illness that is the problem, not access to firearms. Lack of GOOD parenting is part of that.


  2. Ronni – You know why there are never school shootings in Philadelphia? Because all the students are armed. (Mostly true.) No one with a brain looks to shoot up Temple University. They have their own police force and it’s in a war zone. This pudgy bastard would last 30 seconds.

    TXNick – Someone said that a lot of this is connected to the breakdown of the family, lack of God or spirituality in the home, and the overall destruction of the American culture, thanks to the Left.

    Cathy – And she got one!


  3. Kind of a weird story, with an all too familiar plot line.

    I have a 39 year old son that lives in my basement. He has been cursed with cerebral palsy. Mild enough he is capable of job, driving etc. He would give anything to have a girl friend and he has his own issues with anxiety and depression brought on by the cognitive disabilities that come with cerebral palsy. But, he lives in a home with two loving parents, has a couple of brothers that care about him, one truly awesome friend filled with empathy (that any one of us would give anything to have), and he was brought up by going to church and having faith instilled in him. You could say he might be a candidate for such a scenario, but even with all his problems, going around shooting innocent people in the face for NO reason, is the furthest thing from his mind. The difference is in how he was brought up and the values he has had instilled.

    Guys like the above seldom (as in never) come from loving, caring, nurturing homes. If there is any of that, it’s probably from their left-wing, liberal, fruitcake parents who want them to be transgendered wack jobs that fulfill some ridiculous fantasy of their own. Taking away everybody else’s guns won’t cure this problem. Bringing back serious family values instilled with a solid faith is what the entire crazed group of left wing fruitcakes need, not their touchy feely ill-conceived anti-gun BS.

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