The Maleficent Seven

A New Hampshire Democrat primary poll was taken last week, and while the serial groper, fake Indian, and elderly socialist did well, more than a handful of other Democrats received a harsh lesson in reality.

The twenty-something strong 2020 primary field has been desperate for a weeding since it hit double-digit territory, though even candidates who didn’t make a single debate stage have so far been reluctant to drop out. If they’re looking for a reason to do so, this new Boston Globe/Suffolk University poll of likely New Hampshire primary voters might be the answer.

Yet down at the other end of the spectrum, seven Democrats didn’t get a single survey respondent to declare they were their top primary choice: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio; former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel; Washington Gov. Jay Inslee; Miramir, Florida Mayor Wayne Messam; Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton; Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan; and former Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak.

I’m torn about which is more hilarious; the demise of douchebag Tim Ryan or the flaccid showing of communist Bill de Blasio. And Joe Sestak? I live in Pennsylvania and even I didn’t know that clown was running!

3 thoughts on “The Maleficent Seven

  1. I’d like to say I enjoy a story with a happy ending, but how can a nightmare lineup of crazy commie assholes ever have a happy ending? Well, I suppose there’s always “2020 Make Them Cry Again” and get to see a lineup of crazies bemoaning a Trump win.


    1. I have a theory that I think could be proven easily if there was such a thing as voter registration requiring ID and a database good enough to keep real people from voting twice. There will be at least 30% of the people who will voted Commie/Socialist (i.e. Democrat). That’s a given. The other 70% will voted for Conservatives. It’s human nature. The problem is, that if you take most of the dead people, felons, and non-citizens, they get to vote 3-5 times in every election. Therefore, each election is very close when it comes to vote counting. Real votes are easily 70/30, but those other ones are what sway the election.


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