The Swiss Scalps

A Swiss chocolate company is searching for a young girl to bee the star of the company’s Christmas commercial. There are only a few catches; she cannot have reached puberty, she cannot be overweight, and she cannot be a redhead.

A casting call for a “very pretty” and “childlike” girl to star in a Christmas advertising campaign has sparked outrage online for banning overweight children and redheads from applying. The call was for an advertisement for Milka chocolate and was spotted by performer Helen Raw.

“She must be beautiful and angelic,” it reads. “Eye colour and hair colour are not important but no red hair […] she must NOT have reached puberty.”

In an amendment to the original post, which was also shared by Raw, the casting director stated: “No overweight children as this is advertising chocolate.”

Wow. I mean, I get the people at Milka prefer pure Aryan stock, but maybe they can emerge from their bunkers and check out the awesomeness that redheads afford us…

Yeah, those redheads are so creepy. Someone fetch my fainting rug!

Yes, these gorgeous women reached puberty – and then some – but they were beautiful girls before they became glamorous women.

But, you know, good luck with landing Helga Himmler. Dopes.

7 thoughts on “The Swiss Scalps

  1. I’ve always loved women, no matter what their hair color. As long as they took pride and cared for it, hair was never an issue.

    Until my blonde ex-wife cleaned me out.


  2. TXNick – I think I dated one, maybe two blondes in my entire life. Not for lack of trying, but it’s almost always been brunettes,

    RG – Yeah, it’s going on our ban list.


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