You Can’t Spell Vapid Without ADPI

The Alpha Delta Pi sorority of the University of Central Florida – that is not them on the left – is in a heap of trouble after they were found committing a few many minor major infractions on campus.

Florida sorority Alpha Delta Pi has been suspended after allegations of its members posting an explicit photo, offering payment to complete schoolwork and swapping IDs to buy alcohol.

[O]n July 8, an unhappy Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi) member emailed complaints to Woody Joseph, the president of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

The member claimed that a photo of her sorority sister naked from the waist down and lying next to a toilet in a bar, was shared in a mass chat on the GroupMe app. She reported the photo to her chapter president because the student “couldn’t have given [consent] seeing how absolutely plastered she was,” but no action was taken.

Additionally through chats, wrote the member, sisters sold prescription drugs and swapped driver’s licenses in order to purchase alcohol. One message read, “Will send nudes and mula for a blonde ID,” and a member admitted she drove to work “blackout” drunk from the night before, a statement that was allegedly “liked” by the group president.

Full disclosure: I despise sororities more than I despise fraternities. My neighbor’s daughter is in a sorority, and the only thing she cares about new recruits is, and I quote, “Is she pretty?”

I’m sure UCF’s Alpha Delta Pi sisters are very attractive, which explains why they’re drunk all the time, cheating, and buying fake IDs.

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Spell Vapid Without ADPI

  1. I have never been a fan of fraternities, but last year took the cake for me. My nephew reported a very serious hazing incident at a nationally known prestigious university. It was supposed to be anonymous, but some dunderhead at the University Police Department released his name with the complaint. After receiving multiple threats including death threats, he dropped out.


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