Shot Officers Released From Hospital

All the Philly police officers shot yesterday have been released from the hospital. Similarly, my sister and my cousin’s wife – a nurse and a surgeon in North Philly – were also eventually released from work.

The piece of filth surrendered after midnight (EDT) with a little help from SWAT and tear gas.

You may remember when I mentioned protesters were gathering around the shooting scene last night. Apparently that story was absolutely true.

While Philadelphia police officers were dealing with a gunman who shot six of their own during a standoff at a home in the Nicetown-Tioga section, cops also had to deal with being taunted by some bystanders. CBS3’s Alexandria Hoff reports a crowd of people laughed and yelled at officers in the midst of gunfire during a standoff on Wednesday…

“I mentioned this at 10 and since I was harassed during that live shot, I’ll mention it here too. A major moment of disappointment this evening was watching a crowd of people taunt police officers, laughing and yelling at them in the midst of the gunfire. #PhiladelphiaShooting”

— Alexandria Hoff (@AlexandriaHoff) August 15, 2019

Apparently, many of the laughing, taunting protesters were from the block where the shootings occurred. If you just went numb from that mental image, consider the fact dozens and dozens of police officers raced toward gunfire at high speeds to stop an armed assailant from murdering innocent people. Six of those officers were shot, and three more injured.

These men and women would literally give their lives for yours and you shout at them? You laugh as the bullets rain down upon them? The irony here is those protesters probably don’t deserve police service, but we’re still going to race toward that next gunshots call.

Race and hatred may define them, but it does not define us; no matter what Barack Obama, Colin Kaepernick, or Cory Booker believe.

There’s more below the fold…

Oh, for those of you who haven’t heard live police radio before, here is the recording of the officers and the dispatcher. (For the record, despite the excitable voice, the female dispatcher was brilliant.)

11 thoughts on “Shot Officers Released From Hospital

  1. William – They weren’t Amish.

    RG – During the carnage, a woman called and asked to speak to her detective about a fraud report. I said I was the only one in the building, and asked her if she knew cops were being shot. She replied, “Yeah, I saw. So what?”

    This is what I deal with every single day. The majority of Philadelphians – especially inner-city residents – despise us, and laugh when we get shot.


    1. My son; normally the reasonable young man, stated he thought all those upstanding citizens getting in the way should be shot! and they should blow up the house. I explained that did happen in the city long ago. I have seen this type of activity working for a HUD housing authority and its a joke to those residing there. I’m just glad all the officers all survived.


  2. So very thankful everyone is out of the hospital and doing okay. As for the protesters, KMA!!!!Nothing but a bunch of ungrateful imbeciles.


  3. MelP – Obama and other Democrats have poisoned the country against police officers. In Philly, the D.A. refuses to prosecute gun crimes, and the thugs are emboldened. It’s only going to get worse.


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