Something Smells Fishy

Meet Emily Riemer, the “World’s Sexiest Angler.” Emily has more than enough bait to catch men, but she usually deploys it to catch fish.

Emily Riemer is known as the ‘World’s Sexiest Angler’ and one look at her Instagram account will explain why.

The extreme fisher, who hails from Miami, regularly hauls in monster catches weighing upwards of 100kg, all while clad in teeny tiny bikinis and with her blonde mane perfectly in place.

Her skimpy swimwear has helped the sometime model build her 135k Instagram following, but Emily maintains that she is the reel … er, we mean real deal.

“I go fishing in bikinis not to look cute but because it is practical in the heat around Florida and the other places I fish,” she explained to The Sun last year.

Mental note: check home prices in Florida. I wonder what size worm she prefers? Do you think Emily enjoys a sturdy rod? How good is she at bobbin?

(Sorry, but I really needed a post to take my mind off yesterday.)

8 thoughts on “Something Smells Fishy

  1. Looking at that photo, I believe it to be “altered” somewhat. Unless she’s Supergirl, the size of that fish indicates a mass which would be a bit much for a little lady, and a lot of men, to one-hand lift and hold like that.


  2. Ronni – The good news is she will never, ever drown.

    Proof – *golf clap*

    TXNick – I think it’s an optical illusion. She’s holding the fish out, close to the camera, so it looks like a much larger perspective.


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