Grandma Got Run Over By A MOAB

The grandmother of leftist Rashida Tliab – the ugliest person ever to serve in Congress – asked her “god” to ruin President Trump after Clayface decided not to go see her in the make-believe territory of “Palestine.”

Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s grandmother had some harsh words for President Trump after Israel denied her granddaughter entry because it was allegedly discovered the group funding her trip had members with ties to terrorism.

“Trump tells me I should be happy Rashida is not coming. May God ruin him,” Muftia Tlaib told Reuters in an interview on Saturday.

Well Muftia – if that is your real name – your “god” already has a bad habit of ruining the lives of free people around the world, amirite??

Israel had originally granted Tlaib a humanitarian visa to visit her elderly grandmother, but the Michigan Representative turned it down and went on to claim she was being treated like a criminal and silenced.

So this despicable anti-Semitic piece of flotsam whined about how the Jooooos were keeping her out of Israel, then when they allowed her entry, sudden;y she doesn’t want to go? Hmm, it almost sounds like this was a publicity stunt all along.

3 thoughts on “Grandma Got Run Over By A MOAB

  1. Ronni – Sadly, she’ll be reelected again and again. Michigan gets crossed off the retirement list…

    Cathy – So close to the Promised Land of Israel, but her hatred stands in her way toward a better life.


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