Miranda Is The Perfect Name For Her

Meet Miranda Perez of Palm Beach County, Florida.

Miranda loves her children, so much so that she allegedly threatened to shoot up her children’s school because it was about to be rezoned.

Investigators say a Florida mother was so upset that her children were rezoned to a new school that she threatened to shoot up the new school just as the new academic year is beginning.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s officials say they arrested 28-year-old Miranda Perez Sunday on an intimidation charge for threatening a mass shooting.

News outlets reports a friend called authorities after video chatting with Perez. He told deputies Perez was upset over the rezoning to relieve overcrowding at their old school. (H/T – JF – 911)

If nothing else, that mug shot is perfect. The pouting face is a cross between Gary Coleman’s, “What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” and “I don’t know nothin’ about shooting no babies!”

5 thoughts on “Miranda Is The Perfect Name For Her

  1. Florida must reek of desperation when it comes to sex. I mean, she has more than one child? She got laid more than once?! Maybe she only boinks REALLY drunk men.

    BTW, Wyatt… what is it with you today, only posting pics of ugly women? Send us some eye candy as recompense. You owe us after this one and that ugly congresscritter in your next post. {Shudder.}


  2. Cathy – I’m nearsighted, but… nah.

    Ronni – I’m sure the next school will welcome her with open arms. /eyeroll

    TXNick – Yeah, I’ll try to rectify that. Sorry.

    Here’s Brandi Rhodes, who is married to a NJPW wrestler.


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