On The Water-Frundt

Meet Shana C. Frundt of Sykesville, MD.

Like most people in Maryland, Shana is a big fan of crabs. She also enjoys dining on them occasionally. Unfortunately for Shana, they crabs they serve in prison are usually soft shell, sans Old Bay seasoning.

The employee at the Martin’s at 1320 Londontown Blvd., saw a shopper matching the description of a previous theft suspect and followed her around the store Aug. 14.

A store employee referred to Shana C. Frundt to police as the “crab leg bandit,” according to the statement.

He told Carroll County Sheriff’s deputies he watched her leave the store without paying for groceries, then followed her into the parking lot and asked if she paid.

Frundt put the groceries in her maroon Toyota Avalon, shouted at the employee, and tried to drive her car into the employee. The employee moved behind another vehicle to avoid being hit, Frundt’s car struck a white GMC Yukon parked in the lot, and then Frundt fled.

Sadly, without her shellfish, Shana may start gaining weight again. That’s a shame.

4 thoughts on “On The Water-Frundt

  1. When confronted by the employee, Shana C. Frundt started to crawfish*.

    * In case this term is unknown to folks up north, it comes from Louisiana and means to back away from danger, or abandoning your previously held opinion.


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