Scooter Liberated

Meet John Davis of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Like many consumers, John loves heading to Walmart. They have so many great bargains, plus they let you keep their motorized scooters for however long you need. Wait, what?

John Davis, 59, is jailed on a felony grand theft charge in connection with his alleged swiping of the $1500 vehicle late Saturday evening.

Cops allege that Davis rode the cart “off of Walmart property and continued riding it approximately one mile east” of the retailer. An arrest affidavit does not indicate where Davis–who lives in Palmetto, 20 miles from the Walmart store–was headed around 10:30 PM. Additionally, the court filing does not say how he got to the store in the first place.

After Walmart workers alerted cops to the cart theft, police located Davis at a nearby Wawa, where he was attempting to recharge the cart via a “gas station electrical outlet.”

He would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling batteries.

5 thoughts on “Scooter Liberated

  1. Ronni – It looks like someone punched him in the eye. Or pink eye is making a comeback.

    RG – Pretty sure he looked like that before the arrest, but you never know.

    TXNick – All I kept thinking was the scene from Seinfeld…


    1. For the record, I was being facetious. Just wanted to make sure. I imagine that most people getting arrested in Floriduh have a similar look. It’s a citizenship requirement I think.


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