Embargo On!

This will, hopefully, be the only NFL post I make all year. Don’t get me wrong, I am still heavily invested in never watching another second of the NFL, but this story had to be addressed.

There are very few occupations more useless than sports reporting. Grown, usually old men getting excited about sports is kind of a pathetic endeavor. Since their lives have no meaning, they find acceptance by bashing people with whom they disagree. To wit…

NBC Sports Pro Football Talk turned into a venue for bashing Donald Trump and conservatives when Mike Florio and Chris Simms said they had to expose “hypocritical sports fans” and media personalities.

At issue was the friction between the NFL Players Coalition and Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, who hosted a fundraiser for the Republican president. Players Coalition members pressured Ross to step down from a social justice working group due to his fundraising efforts.

Almost every owner in the NFL is a rabid leftist who pours tons of money into Democrat coffers, yet these empty talking heads only speak up when a conservative holds a fundraiser. Funny how that works.

“I would love to stick to sports. Some times politics gets yanked onto sports,” Mr. Florio said. “We hear all the time, players and reporters, stick to sports. Well, is it fair, Chris, to turn it around on the owners and tell them to stick to sports? Stephen Ross isn’t sticking to sports when he decided to host a $100,000, up to $250,000 per person fundraiser for the president. That’s not sticking to sports. But nobody ever says that he should stick to sports.”

“He’s rich and he’s white,” Mr. Simms said of Ross.

So are you, Simms, you douchebag. You’re rich, and you’re the whitest thing I have ever seen. Powder looks like Billy Dee Williams standing next to you.

Look, I understand millionaire leftists hate themselves for their white privilege, but it’s ridiculously hypocritical to call out someone who is in your own tax bracket. The difference between Florio, Simms and most of the 2020 Democratic candidates is some people actually care what the candidates think.

8 thoughts on “Embargo On!

  1. It takes next to nothing to trigger the dems these days. And, if you are a male, white and filthy rich….you’re screwed (and not in a good way)!


  2. My cat absolutely hates football season. That is when, out of boredom and desperation, I wash and wax him on Saturdays and Sundays.

    (Sorry, PETA. The above comment is sarcasm. I know you lefties have no sense of humor, so I felt the need to explain it.)


  3. My son loves football. I really want to do something with him that would help us bond a bit better than we have, but no matter how hard I try, I hate the NFL so much, I don’t think that will be the think I use to hang out. I’d ruin his experience bad mouthing all the douchebag players, owners, fans, and commies. I would, however, celebrate if the league ever goes bankrupt.


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