Well, They Made It

Sorry for the disappearing act yesterday. It was a stressful twenty-four hours.

Kyle and Mrs. Earp landed safely in Dallas yesterday at 3pm. Traffic getting to the airport was awful, and it took me over an hour to get them to the terminal. (Rush hour in Philly begins at 6am and ends at noon.)

Southwest is still our favorite airline.

After packing the Family Truckster, the kids said goodbyes. Kyle hugged everyone, and, as predicted, Julia was the most emotional. She left this for Kyle, hidden in his laptop bag….

Then this was inside.

Today is move-in day, so they’ll be busy sitting up the room, meeting his roommates – one from Texas, one from Massachusetts – and Kyle may meet his lacrosse coach as well. The parent-student orientation is Friday and Saturday, then Mrs. Earp comes home Sunday – Party at my house this weekend! Monday will greet Kyle with concussion protocol tests, student-athlete orientation, and checking out the babes.

On Tuesday he will receive his work-study assignment – and classes begin Wednesday.

9 thoughts on “Well, They Made It

  1. I love the picture she put in Kyle’s laptop bag. Best of luck to Kyle! Have a good time at your party which will probably consist of you and the kids watching Netflix or playing a video game and eating popcorn. The tough part will be trying to agree on where to get take-out food.


  2. Kari – Thank you. They’re moving into the rooms as we speak. Haven’t heard how it’s going yet.

    Jim – Thanks. Thee lacrosse coach sent a nice email to the freshmen telling them yes, it’s scary, and yes, that will pass in a week or two. Seems like a good man.

    Ronni – No take out yet! Whoo hoo! Made chicken tenders last night, meatballs tonight. It’s not Julia Childs, but I’m trying not to be lazy about things.

    Spent five hours – FIVE – cleaning Kyle’s room yesterday, tossing out school papers and notes from grade school, dusted, vacuumed, and straightened everything. He’ll probably destroy it at Thanksgiving, but it’s clean now.


    1. Orientation began at 8am and it finishes at 11:30pm. Most of the events after 8pm and student-centered, and the day ends with a kickball tournament. He’ll be tired tomorrow.


  3. That was very kind of Julia. Looks like all of your kids are turning out to be good people (must take after their Mother 😉 )


  4. I’m rooting for him in every way. I cannot imagine he won’t end up graduating with honors. Your kids are all very driven and talented.


  5. MelP – Definitely. The orientation and move-in started at 8am and ends at 11:30pm. He sent me a text earlier saying, “Everyone here is smarter than me.” I think he’s just tired, because it’s been a long day.

    RG – Kyle always gets good grades, but has to work a little harder for them. Kevin is brilliant, as is Kyle, but Kyle never waltzed through classes. I told him there are plenty of people at UD who will help if he needs it.

    The good news is he said he made a lot of new friends, men and women, and everyone is very nice.


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