Thor. Is. Pissed!

Meet Romulus McNeill, whose parents were obviously big Star Trek fans.

Romulus was walking down the street minding his own business when he was almost killed. So yeah, a good day.

This is some security cam footage of South Carolina school counselor and very lucky man Romulus McNeill nearly getting struck by lightning (he estimates by a mere two inches) while heading to lunch on a rainy day. Not today, Death! After the near miss, Romulus says he “tried to get up out of there like the Roadrunner.”

Keep going for a video news report while I call Romulus and ask in hushed tones if he’s noticed any superpowers.

The video is below the fold. It’s freaky-deaky…

Wow. Just wow.

9 thoughts on “Thor. Is. Pissed!

  1. A priest and a nun went to play golf together. On the green at the first hole, the priest had an easy putt… which he missed. “!@#$#$, I missed!” said the priest.

    “Father! Such terrible language!” said the nun. ” God will punish you for that!”

    On the second green, the priest had another easy putt, but blew this one also. “!@#$#$, I missed again!” Cursed the priest.

    “Father! Please refrain from using such language. God will surely hear it and punish you.” said the nun.

    On the third green, the priest had another easy putt, and blew this one also. As he took a deep breath to let out more profanity, a dark cloud formed, a bolt of lightning crashed from it… and struck the nun dead.

    “!@#$#$, I missed!” came a booming voice from the cloud.


  2. TXNick – Nice.

    Ronni – We had a strike the other day about three houses down. Our neighbor as walking home, and it probably missed him by 100 yards. Still, it scared the hell out of us inside. I’m sure he was freaked. Power was out for four hours afterward.

    Mushdogs – Or at least head to Vegas.

    Proof – I’m sure some people think my kids were raised by them too. Oh wait, did I think that or type it?

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