California Water Park Is Aptly Named

The Raging Waters water park was closed Sunday after a forty-person brawl ensued, nearly killing a man. This is why we can’t have nice things.

The 40-person brawl began around 3:30 p.m. by the Lazy River picnic area after a disagreement between two women over who took whose beach towel, said Everest Robillard, the Cal Expo police chief.

Christopher Neves, a 35-year-old Modesto resident, tried to break up the fight but was attacked by three other people who jumped in after him. The fight grew to about 40 participants, with a smaller group trading blows and the rest exchanging insults.

Officers arrived and found Neves without a pulse or heartbeat for an unknown amount of time. Robillard said CPR was administered on scene, and his heartbeat returned before he was carried out on a gurney and transported to UC Davis Medical Center.

So a man nearly died over a f**king towel. What the hell is wrong with this country?

6 thoughts on “California Water Park Is Aptly Named

  1. We are headed in a scary direction in this country. You simply cannot disagree with anyone without sometimes serious repercussions these days.


  2. Ronni – Ace of Spades has a great story where “totes conservative” NYT writer Brett Stephens was called a “bedbug” by a professor, then Stephens sent him an email and cc’d it to the professor’s provost. Stephens had the gall to claim he didn’t want to get the prof into trouble. Uh-huh.

    Cathy – Arizona is good for that. Gimme a ranch in the desert and a stockpile of guns.

    TXNick – When I was in patrol, a small fight started between two women from different bachelorette parties. I arrived alone – backup was enroute – and both crowds turned on me. Got my butt handed to me by large, unattractive women. My backup pepper sprayed the entire crowd, and there was some “stick time” involved. And by “some,” I mean “lots.”


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