The Dumbest Woman On Earth

Tombstone toothed leftist politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went on yet another rant Tuesday, calming prehistoric diseases may inhabit the Earth if Climate Change is not controlled immediately.

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told fans on a live stream Tuesday that if climate change isn’t stopped, glaciers could melt and expose humans to diseases tens of thousands of years old.

“There are a lot of diseases that are frozen in some of these glaciers that scientists fear that there is a potential that a lot of diseases could escape these melted glaciers,” Ocasio-Cortez said on Instagram Live.

The worst of which are the dreaded Ceratosaurus Crabs and the painful Raptor Rectal Itch.

““Um…and so that’s a concern…Even if there are no diseases frozen at all in these glaciers, you have diseases that are spread by mosquitoes, and now mosquitoes are starting to fly further north that carry diseases like malaria, and a whole slew of other things.”

This dimwitted bint acts as if mosquitoes were extinct for eons. Hey beaver teeth, mosquitoes have been spreading diseases for centuries, and it has nothing to do with the polar ice cap!

7 thoughts on “The Dumbest Woman On Earth

  1. How on earth could people vote for this airhead? She is either the most gullible person on the planet or the biggest scammer….take your pick.


  2. Well, to be fair to donkey, California is having the return of things like Typhus & Bubonic Plague, but I think it has more to do with the homeless campsites & the rats that are attracted to those places.


  3. Proof – At least Tea Leoni is easy to look at. AOC? Not so much.

    Ronni – She was the Democrat, and that’s all New Yorkers need.

    Cathy – Well, Huma doesn’t seem to mind. Zing!

    MelP – And all the illegals your awful governor welcomes.


    1. True. I think he skipped the history class that taught about the French revolution. And the skuuls don’t make them read Animal Farm anymore.


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