No, No, No, No, No!

A tractor trailer carrying a load of chocolate through Tennessee suddenly caught fire and burned to the ground. Sadly, there were no chocolate survivors.

A six-mile backup has been reported along Interstate 24 eastbound in Robertson County after a tractor trailer caught fire.

The driver told fire crews he was heading east on I-24 near Pleasant View when he started hearing popping noises coming from his truck. He pulled over and saw his truck was on fire. The driver was not injured.

One eastbound lane reopened around 4 a.m.; however, the backups continue.

Police were overloaded later that evening with calls from menstruating women and Brian Stetler.

3 thoughts on “No, No, No, No, No!

  1. MelP – Every time I think I need to lose more weight, I say to myself, “At least I’m not Brian Stetler.”

    TXNick – “How will ever get me cafe latte?”


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