No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem!

Meet Liam and Michelle Friday of Lordswood, UK. Liam got his knickers in a twist after he was barred from entering a store shirtless while his wide was allowed entry while wearing a bikini top. Ridiculously, Liam believes the rules are “sexist.”

On Sunday, Liam and Michelle Friday popped to Tesco Express in Newton Close, Lordswood.

The couple had just finished a family barbecue and with temperatures reaching 30C, he opted to go shirtless, while she wore a bikini top.

Not a bad choice for the wife. The guy, though? Maybe fetch that shirt, chief.

However, when they reached the supermarket, a security guard barred him from entering but let his wife go in.

“I went in there earlier the same day without a shirt on and it was no problem. But when the security guard was there I wasn’t allowed in. “I don’t understand, it doesn’t offend anyone. He was quite happy to let her in. It’s sexist.

It’s not sexist; it’s purely aesthetic. I mean, Liam isn’t a bloated Brain Stetler carcass, but he probably shouldn’t be walking around in public sans shirt. I mean, I’ve lost nearly thirty pounds this year and I still always wear a shirt.

I mean, you can try the sexist angle, Liam, but you’re argument is on thin thick ice.

8 thoughts on “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem!

  1. Dude should at least put on a wife beater.

    Hey, Wyatt, thanks for the laugh in the 1st paragraph. You spelled wife as “wide” – DON’T change it. It’s funnier that way.


  2. MelP – Ugh, damned dementia! I’ll let it go.

    One thing I’ve noticed with my new keyboard is it double taps the “a” and “e” keys all the time. It’s infuriating.


    1. If it makes you feel any better, I was typing an e-mail to our deputy director & the little voice at the back of my head said Proof Read It!!! Sure enough, I misspelled shirts (dropped the “r”). Thankfully, he had a warped sense of humor, so he would’ve let it go…and gave me hell for years to come.


  3. Her face looks like 5 miles of bad road. Fortunately, there’s a distraction.

    “My eyes are up here!”
    Yes, I know, but so is your face and I don’t want to vomit.

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