True Detective Stories

So this was the sight which greeted me this morning as I arrived at work.

The intersection was cordoned off and no one was able to enter the building through the front doors. A vehicle was parked inside the crime scene with its doors open, and police cars surrounded the area. Because, really, is there nothing more satisfying than seeing a crime scene right in front of a Divisional Headquarters?

Apparently, a fine, upstanding gentleman was feeling lonely, so he inquired about a woman’s “stress relief” services. The woman, a working girl, if you will, agreed to the terms and entered the gentleman’s vehicle. Before the stress relief occurred, the working girl needed to reduce her stress by injecting heroin.

Sadly, the woman suffered an overdose and died in the gentleman’s car.

(For the record, I mean that sincerely. Heroin is a blight on this country.)

While the woman was slowly dying, the gentleman and his friend continued driving. After a while the two men realized something was very wrong, and decided to head to the nearest police station. During their journey, they passed a hospital, ignored it, continued to the division, and grabbed an officer.

The depths to which humans will sink never ceases to amaze me.

3 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. It is a real problem here in the Midwest. People dying every day from the crap mostly from the fentanyl they cut it with here.


  2. Cathy – I drank after college. A lot. Alcoholism runs in my father’s side of the family, and I eventually quit. I think I had a beer once a day on vacation, then went back to tee-totaling. Never did drugs. Never plan to. I’ve seen firsthand what it does to people.

    Ronni – I have relatives who moved to the suburbs and claim it’s Utopia there. Sadly, drug use is sometimes more prevalent in the suburbs than the city. It’s just the drugs of choice there are Oxycodone and Xanax.


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