Buh-Bye Summer

Today is Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer; unless you’re at a university in Dallas, Texas, where the projected high temperature for the rest of the week is between 96 and 98 degrees.

It is also the one day every year where we can appreciate union goons who take kickbacks, assault non-union laborers, and vote exclusively for Democrats – usually many times in the same election.

I’ve never had an appreciation for unions, mostly because my local Fraternal Order of Police is completely and utterly useless. Your mileage may vary. If your union works for you, that’s great. My disgust is my personal opinion. Besides, it’s like anyone values my opinion. Nor should you.

So enjoy the holiday. I am actually off today – a rare occurrence – so after a trip to the gym, I am expecting to do literally nothing. Ironically enough, that’s my usual plan when I’m at work. Zing!

4 thoughts on “Buh-Bye Summer

  1. I had a busy but nice weekend. Went yesterday to see my mom (a 2 hr drive that I managed in 90 minutes). Yes, I have a lead foot. Today had the house cleaned and laundry done by 10am, met my daughter for lunch, did a bit of shopping and am now relaxing watching the Eagles “Farewell Tour” concert on TV.


  2. Ronni – Kyle spent his weekend practically alone. He said almost everyone at school went home for the weekend. The cafeteria had about fifteen students when he had lunch yesterday. The good news is he had time to do laundry and homework without distraction.


  3. FOP5 is the reason I withdrew from the hiring process a few years ago. I was on the PAL website on day and clicking on different links, I found an officer’s personal information including an Application for Transfer, A PDQ, and some other paper work that included the officer’s home information, social security number, the names and ages of his children.

    I have a few family members that are active or retired PPD. One of them told me to call the FOP and they would get the information taken off a public page. The recording secretary at FOP5 was not interested in the information being there, he was standoffish demanding why I would be on the site poking around. He was the biggest asshole I ever dealt with in the PPD. I told him it was a public site and anyone could click on a link and get to it. A few hours later, the link was password protected.


  4. James W. – Fractured my ankle during a run while in the Academy. I was with three other recruits. Most of the supervisors were gone, and while I was in pain, I didn’t know the bone was fractured. Came in the next day and my sergeant – may she rot in Hell – said, “How do I know you didn’t break it playing basketball?” I replied, “Ask my three witnesses.”

    The twat held me as an off-duty injury, and did her level best to kick me out of the Academy. I called the FOP and they said since I was not yet sword in, they can do nothing for me. I replied, “Then why are you taking dues from me if you won’t represent me?” He had no answer.

    I rushed back, passed my PT test – I was near the top of my class academically – and never forgot the motherf**kers who did this to me.

    I see young cops running out and trying to arrest everyone they see. They bring in jobs and I say, |You know you’re just a number to this department, right?” They think I’m screwing with them. I tell people all the time that everyone loves the job until they get screwed. My screw-job happened in the first three months.


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