The Nightmare Food Before Xmas

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than by decorating your Christmas tree with pizza-flavored candy canes.

These are the pizza flavored candy canes just released by Archie McPhee. Six bucks will score you a box of six canes. Some more info while I sensually suck-sharpen a regular candy cane then try to break off the end in my coworker Greg’s leg:

Delizioso! If you want pizza flavor, these candy canes deliver! A sure sign of the quality of these canes is the personified pizza slice on the package. Who wouldn’t trust that face? This set of six candy canes is like a little slice of Italian-spiced heaven, allegedly cooked in a candy-fired oven by Sicilian elves.

There may not be a person in America who loves pizza more than me. That said, there is no way in hell you’ll ever see me nibbling a pizza-flavored candy cane. Ever.

8 thoughts on “The Nightmare Food Before Xmas

  1. Cathy – Good Lord, I hope not. Probably doing pumpkin spice, though, I never understood that “flavor” and its popularity.

    MelP – Kale, in candy form! (Hard pass.)


  2. That sounds even worse than the hop flavored candy that I tried. A home brewing supply house that I deal with had some for sale as a novelty. It was available in a few different varieties, so I bought a bag of Cascade which is one of my favorite hops for brewing. It smelled wonderful. Citrus with a slight grassy note. Popped one of those babies in my mouth expecting a taste sensation. Gack! That thing was so bitter that I couldn’t spit it out quickly enough. The bag did not go to waste, though. I tossed them into my next batch of IPA. Pizza flavored candy canes? I think those would just make me toss my cookies……….


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