A “Little” Goes A Long Way

Meet Alice Little.

Alice is a professional “stress reliever” who works at Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch, and in anticipation of the proposed “storming of Area 51” this month, Alice is offering a 50% discount for her services. Now that’s a bargain at any price.

Alice Little is hyping a 50 percent discount on “close encounters with her body” from Sept. 20 to 22 during the Alienstock Festival, inspired by the viral Storm Area 51 movement.

“Ever since Alienstock was announced, my email has been blowing up with questions from lascivious alien enthusiasts asking about how they can meet with me while they’re in Nevada,” says a press release by Little, 29, who claims to be the “highest-earning sex worker in the US.”

The 4-foot-8 Ireland native has worked at the Moonlite BunnyRanch for three years and claims her bookings start at $2,000. (H/T – Taminator)

After a quarter century in law enforcement, I can assure you Alice won’t be seeing many young, fit men coming – phrasing – her way. It’ll be older fat guys who will be rushing in, and at 4’8″ and maybe 100 pounds, Alice will likely regret this decision after the first sploosh.

5 thoughts on “A “Little” Goes A Long Way

  1. Cathy – Yeah, while I like the red hair, this chick is really just slightly above average. She’s no Vica Kerekes.

    Tam – Or “come” before.

    TXNick – “Your clothes. Give them to me now.”


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