Harris: Cops Harass,Take Up Space

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris agreed with Salon editor D. Watkins that police officers “harass and take up space in poor communities.” Damn, they found us out!

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) acknowledged Salon’s editor-at-large D. Watkins was “right” about police officers after he claimed “they just harass and take up space in poor communities.”

Near the beginning of the video, Watkins criticized police officers and their role in poor communities.

“We shouldn’t have to acknowledge their trauma because they’re paid to be there. We live in these places. Police officers have historically not been held accountable because they protect and serve the rich and then they just harass and take up space in poor communities,” Watkins said. “I don’t see any type of big shift happening with the one term because it’s like a cultural thing.”

“Right,” Harris said while nodding her head.

Funny, I heard Harris got to the top by nodding her head, if you know what I mean.

Oh, and since we’re talking about people who hate the police, this went on yesterday in Philadelphia’s City Council.

The social media scandal rocking the Philadelphia Police Department takes center stage on Tuesday at City Hall. City Council is holding a hearing at 1 p.m. Mayor Jim Kenney briefed community leaders on the investigation into offensive posts allegedly involving Philadelphia police officers.

In June, a watchdog group called The Plain View Project discovered the controversial posts of police officers who worked in Philadelphia and in other cities around the country. Some posts were racist, anti-Muslim and even violent.

The researchers identified nearly 330 active-duty Philadelphia police officers.

The local news carried this debacle live, and the entire “hearing” included a parade of malcontents who took the microphone to slam police officers. You know, the usual tripe; we’re racist, sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic Islamophobic, racist and bigoted. All broadcast from City Council’s chambers.

And people wonder why i want to leave this despicable town.

7 thoughts on “Harris: Cops Harass,Take Up Space

  1. I can’t believe how brazen these people are in their contempt for the police. Haven’t they or a family member ever needed assistance or help from the police? They truly are acting despicable!


  2. I agree with them. Police have no business being in the poor areas of any city. They should stick to the areas where people actually pay taxes for their services…………..

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  3. Ronni – No, because they have taxpayer-funded bodyguards and security. The sad part is Democrat cops will vote for these people, and do often.

    Mike – Fact check: 100% true.

    Tam – I went from an awful district in patrol to the district where I grew up – which was nice – then back to the ‘hood. I would gladly go where I was actually appreciated, but those neighborhoods are few and far between in this city.

    Proof – I can only imagine what kind of AG she was. I’m sure the rank and file loved her.


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