Never Forget: Islamists Want Us Dead

Eighteen years ago today, Islamists declared war on the United States of America. They did so by using airliners as missiles, and ramming them into both buildings of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the final plan crashed in Pennsylvania after a passenger revolt.

Two thousand, nine hundred and seventy-seven people were slaughtered that Tuesday morning, and their only crime was living in America.

Nearly two decades later, Islamists are still waging war across the globe, America has moved on, and two radical Muslims are spewing anti-American rhetoric while serving in Congress. If you don’t think Americans have forgotten what happened that day, you are sadly mistaken.

God bless those murdered innocents, the brave first responders, and the families who lost loved ones that day. Never forget, never forgive.

6 thoughts on “Never Forget: Islamists Want Us Dead

  1. I agree 100%. It is apparent in practically everything that comes out of Omar and Tlaib’s mouths that they honestly hate this country and Michigan and Minnesota still elected these two radicals. It appears there are two states that have forgotten the lessons of 9-11.


  2. Thank obama for islamisizing Minnisota. Under his government, thousands of Somalians were settled there. They banded together, did not assimilate into society, and settled in to take over.

    We need a moratorium on admitting any more muslims into this country, until those who are here have proven to be loyal to the Constitution and not the koran.

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    1. Moratorium absolutely. I have known and worked with muslims who seem to be friendly and kind people, but I would not trust them. I learned enough about their cult (I refuse to call islam a religion) to know its members are deathly afraid to convert to a religion, they are encouraged to lie to non-muslims by teachings of the koran (it’s called Taqiyya), they do not pledge allegiance to America and what we stand for, and they will never assimilate into American culture. The cult objective is total world domination, and they work towards this bit-by-bit every day. Anyone who thinks this is “islamophobia” better do their homework and study the cult of islam and become informed. This is the “boiled frog” syndrome world-wide. The Japanese in particular have a strict ban on muslim immigration into their country. We should at least consider their model.


  3. Ronni – They hate the country, but they sure love their newfound power.

    TXNick – Assimilation is not in their plan. Most of them still think the Battle of Mogadishu didn’t kill enough Americans.

    Mike – Our toolbag millennial neighbors moved out next door. A Muslim family looked at it a few times. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but I will also keep an eye on them. The Muslim family around the corner is obnoxiously rude to people, and give Americans the evil eye when they walk past.


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