Her Nickname Is Donald Drunk

Meet Ellen McMillon.

Ellen is a self-proclaimed Disney Super Fan – a pathetic moniker if I ever heard one – but her recent actions guaranteed she will never be allowed into the theme park again.

A drunk and aggressive Disney super fan was banned for life from all of the company’s Florida theme parks. Ellen McMillion, 53, was booted from Disney’s Hollywood Studios last Thursday after she hit a taxi driver in the parking lot.

Deputies said McMillion started slapping the driver when she asked him for a cigarette and he told her he didn’t have one. When authorities confronted McMillion, she was slurring her words, reeked of alcohol and had trouble maintaining her balance.

She told deputies she was intoxicated and wouldn’t cooperate with the investigation until she received a cigarette. She also hurled profanities at nearby children and threw her purse on the ground when asked for identification.

While under arrest, McMillon allegedly kicked a deputy twice in the leg as she was placed in the back of a squad car.

She seems nice. Instead of arresting her, the officers should have forced Ellen to ride the Mad Tea Party ride until she threw up multiple times. See, this is why I am never considered for Chief of Police.

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